If one understands the body and its logic – the various systems which give it form – one can move in more efficient patterns. We experience improvement and relief as a result, the common problems and pains such as lower backache, pelvic instability or weakness (resulting in incontinence) and also more specific complaints of whatever extremity, alleviated or eliminated. There is a range of pain and also a range of our consciousness of its root. Pain can result from the most unremarkable of causes and the most conspicuous. It can stem just as easily from the constant strain of a bad posture, the forward-flexion of the head and shoulders, as from physical trauma, a sports-injury, a fall, the demands of giving birth (which might cause pelvic instability or even diastasis), or having surgery. Everyone is different, requiring a different consideration and approach. And such responsiveness is my goal. After an extended intake and body-assessment I develop a tailor-made program in which together we prepare the body step by step for the next phase. Through personal training I guide you to use the body as an integrated unit and help you to increase corporate-awareness and a comprehension of functional movement. The result is a strong and flexible body, a consciousness and strength which prevents injuries and guarantees a feeling of wellness and wellbeing. I offer Yoga, Pilates and Training techniques at home or in a studio. Specialty workshops and courses are also available on these themes. If you would like more information about working with me, please feel free to call, or contact me on WhatsApp.